Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Arrived at the Guatemala MTC

Hey mother and everybody else! I got off the plane really early this morning. We only have about five minutes to write today so it's going to be a little short. From the sky Guatemala looks a lot like Oregon but all the trees aren't pine. We made it to the MTC alright. It's a really interesting place here. The MTC is really nice, so you shouldn't have to worry at all for the first six weeks at least. We have only been to one class so far. They do a thing called SYL (speak your language), so they're speaking spanish for most of the time. I'm sure it will be good in the end, but right now I just sit kind of confused. After I learn the basics the whole SYL thing will help a lot I'm sure. There is a temple right across the street. You can see it from some of the windows of the MTC. They gave us all a mountain of books a few hours ago, so I'll get to study hard.  It's really green here. Everything is going great.  I'll send you more when I have time. I love you all.
Elder Jarvie

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