Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Manly beard

I forgot to tell you that last week I got the package from Grandma Dee. (Nothing like a little Christmas cheer in February!)
We have a senior missionary couple in our ward now.  We were talking to them Sunday.  They started their mission about the same time I did.  They're pretty cool.  Sunday we had ward council in the morning so we had to get up extra early.  I got ready so fast that I forgot to shave my face.  By the time we got back to the house I almost had a beard.  Sometimes it's hard being this manly.
The pictures of the house look freaking amazing!  It looks like it's still missing a few little things (like garage doors,) but it still looks amazing.  All the wood looks fantastic.  There isn't a lot of wood here. Did I mention that the house looks fantastic? Emerson's car is sick too.  Half the people here tell me that I'm rich because I'm a gringo.  If they saw the house I don't think they'd ever let it go.  The way you described the house is almost more majestic than the pictures. (I think he is referring to my description of how I wake up each morning to the view of an amazing sunrise out my large picture window (in my bedroom) along with the view of Mt McLoughlin.)
In our area we have to work in different parts on different days because it's so big.  But this week we had a really good lesson with a less active family and got out a little after seven.  Then we had an appointment with a guy we have a baptismal date with.  Only problem is he lives like forty-five minutes away, walking fast.  Luckily, on our way down the hill another investigator we teach offered to give us a ride.  I think that counts as a miracle.  I wasn't really looking forward to power walking that far. The guy we went to teach is amazing.  He understands things great.  It's just that he's almost always only home before nine Saturdays and Sundays.
Jared's teacher in the MTC is married to mine, isn't that funny?
Things here are going good.  We had a great week.  I think I've said this but our area is weird and really big.  But things are alright.
I love you all! Take care!
-Elder Jarvie

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Remington

Hey how's it going everybody?
That is super legit that you all moved into the house.  You'll have to send me some pictures of it looking like people live there.
It looks like your trip was good.  Those cactus are really cool.  The cactus you sent me in one of those pictures is freaking gigantic.
Things here are going good.  We found out last night that both me and my companion are staying here, so at the very least we don't have to move anything.  And hopefully we can help this area out a little more.  It's kind of a different area. 
We had stake conference.  It was really good.  Saturday there was a session of the leadership.  The temple president here gave a really good talk.  Cultural differences are really funny.  A guy was talking about how before marriage your eyes have to be really big, (searching for someone or something like that) but that after they have to be "chinitos" (or little Chinese eyes)  In the middle of stake conference racial jokes from the pulpit aren't weird in Guatemala.  Anyway, I thought that was pretty funny.
Tell Remington Happy Birthday for me.
I'm still super exited that you guys moved to the other house.  That's super cool.  Not having a yard kind of sucked. 
You need to send me a picture of the whole house from the front, and a few more.
I'm almost out of time and I don't have much more to say anyway, so I love and miss you all.
Have fun.
-Elder Jarvie

Happy Birthday Michaela

Hey everybody how's it going?

Tell Michaela Happy Birthday or feliz cumpleaños or both for me!
There is a kid we're teaching.  He looks and acts a lot like one of Emerson's old friends, Cole.  There is a word we use that is "huevon" or sometimes "chambon," it's like a slacker or somebody that doesn't do what they should.  These are the names we call him sometimes. (Probably only Emerson will understand, but it's very similar to talking with Cole.)  Pretty much poking jokes and him telling me that I'm from the country of wickedness.  I had drawn a picture of the sacrament with a scripture quote above it and told him that I would give it to him if he came to church.  He didn't come this week though.
We have investigators that do come though, there are two that are doing really good.  One we just set a baptismal date yesterday.  He's a smart guy and is doing really good.  The only problem is that he is only home Saturdays and Sundays, so it's harder to visit him.  And there is another guy who lives just outside our neighborhood who we've been teaching.  We teach him where he works at an internet cafe.  It's right off the bigger street and when the busses go by there's like a five second period where I can't hear anything.  But other than that it's a great place to teach, and even that isn't bad.

That's freaking amazing to hear that the house is finished! (What he means by "finished" is that we passed our final inspection and got our occupancy permit.  We are definitely not "finished.") You need to send me some pictures.  I wish I could have been there.

Things here are going pretty good.  This is going to be the last week of the change.  It's weird to think that I've already been here for like five months.
Where are you having vacation?  Are you all in Phoenix?  Did the rest of the fam come with you or is it just you and dad?
I think we're going to play pool today.  If it's true, that will be pretty sweet.  I haven't played pool in a while.
I love you all.  I'm going to see if I have pictures to send.  I really should take more pictures.
Elder Jarvie

Monday, February 2, 2015

Soccer Face

Donavaghn's zone.  He said the soccer field where they play is on the other side.  
And that this area is probably the richest neighborhood around for miles.

Below, are the new scripture covers he bought. On the front it has his name and mission.

I logged into my e-mail and there was 12 letters waiting for me.  Half of them were pictures, but still. (Thanks for the pictures.  The house looks great and so does the puppy, but Emerson's hair should have stayed the same.  Just kidding, it looks good too.)   Things here have been going good.  We had a ward activity about the Plan of Salvacion.  It was super cool.  Different people did different parts. The young men did spirit prison.  It was probably the best part.  They put a black tarp or something on the walls and a red piece of cloth over the light (and a few things more).  It was freaking awesome. The other part that was great is that the two investigators that we invited showed up.  One of which has a baptismal date.  He lives just outside our neighborhood, well he works there.  It's an internet cafe.  There are a ton of those in Guatemala.

Today we played soccer.  Latinos go hard.  It's good fun though.  Apart from the time I got pegged right in the face.  Hopefully it's still pretty.  We play "fútbol" every week for p-day.

Sorry if this letter is short, like I said I had to read and write a lot.  Not that I'm complaining.  It's just my excuse for not writing a ton.

And I have 52 seconds.  I love y'all.

Elder Jarvie