Monday, January 26, 2015

Coolest Person

Hey everybody!  How's it going?

This week has been a little harder, mostly because all the Guatemalan kids started school and we've had trouble getting in contact with people.  Other than that, it's going well.
Your letter was fantastic. And the one I got from Remington and Rick's that you sent me.  I actually miss construction work with you guys sometimes.  The house looks freaking amazing.  I like the wood a lot.  I still deeply approve of Emerson's hair.  I think I might get mine cut like that.  Speaking of Emerson, I need his e-mail too.
Tell Michaela she should name her dog "chucho." (Translation is "mutt")

This week hasn't been the most eventful.  Though today we went to a field and played soccer.  Usually we just play at the church.  They like soccer a lot here.
Emerson, you're a champ, just so you know man.  You've definitely had a few parts of your personality that have been annoying, but you've grown mountains little bro.  Especially after I went to school.  You're easily one of the coolest persons I know, probably the coolest.  And you work hard. Right now I have a companion with a lot of the personality traits that bothered me about you when we were younger, only he's like four years younger than you and not half as much of a man.  Just know I love you man.  Hard times come but I don't think you're the kind of person to let them stay.  I miss you little brother. Hermano!
I'm going to write Jared.  These next few weeks probably won't be the funnest of his life.  The CCM is great, it's just a little crazy sometimes.
Love you guys,
Elder Jarvie

Monday, January 19, 2015


My new area is technically outside of Guatemala City, but not by much.  I think we live right outside of a city called Esperanza.  Something kind of funny is that our area is called "Esperanza," and our zone is "Esperanza," and our ward is "Esperanza" in the stake of "Esperanza."  So at the least it's all easy to remember.

I totally forgot to bring my camera, so I'm going to have to send pictures next week.  But about the pictures I sent last week, I don't think I took pictures of our house, so for that question the answer is no.  I believe I did send a picture of my companion and I, so the answer to that question is yes.  There are some steep parts in my area.  There should be a picture from the top of a hill.  It's a sweet view but it doesn't come out all that good in pictures.  You can see a volcano from a distance up there but there is usually a cloud in the way, or something like that.  It's pretty far off too.

That is cool that Jared's leaving already.  Did I tell you there is a guy in our area that is going to be in the MTC at the same time as Jared.  He opened his call last week, and I think he leaves the 4th.  He's going to a different mission but it's still neat.  Tell Jared he should see if my teacher Hermano Ruiz still works there.  My other teacher I know doesn't.  Hermano Ruiz is a little bigger and speaks English flawlessly.  All the teachers speak English very well, but there is a few that speak perfect. You would think they were from the states if somebody didn't tell you.

If you really want to try to find my area on a map, I'm in Zone 18.  Our house is in a place called Valle de Jesus, but our area is really big.

If we ever don't walk it's because we are taking a bus or a tuc tuc or sometimes a taxi.  We don't have a car.  I think the assistants and another set of office missionaries do, but that's it.  

Our house is a little small but not bad at all in size.  It is a little dirty is the problem.  Somebody didn't raise these kids right.  I need to take some time to clean, but it's hard because we don't have a lot of time.

It's exciting that so many people are getting ready for missions and so many leaving.  Where is Gavin going? Rick is in New Mexico right?  Make sure to tell me where everybody goes.  From what I've heard from Meganne I think she is still working on papers.  Sounds like there is a boat load of people doing that too.  I would love to read the letters from Gavin and Rick if you ever have time to send them to me.

Speaking of letters, I started writing some.  I think I'm going to put all the letters for my family and people in Eagle Point in one envelope, maybe two.  Do you think you could give them to people? Remington would be the only one that is difficult.  I just need to figure out how to send letters from here.

It's a little harder with my new companion.  He works, is the good thing, but we'll just say he doesn't like the rules as much as my last companion.  Never anything really bad, but it's still annoying sometimes.  I'm almost always good with people but there are some personalities that I like less than others.  Specifically pride with a little ignorance.  But that's life.  I'll do the best I can.

Apart from that, everything is great.  I guess I did get a little sick, but for living in a different country I've gotten a lot less sick than you would think.

Next week I'll be sure to bring my camera. I love you guys.  I'll talk to you next week.  I need to get Jared's LDS e-mail.  I've been emailing him a little,but it's been to his gmail.  One of these days I'll send letters again too. 
Love y'all  -Elder Jarvie

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Area

I'm really sorry but this letter is going to be short. I finished reading and sending a bunch of small letters to people and now I only have like 15 minutes. This week was really eventful too.

I'm in a new area with a new companion.  I took a bunch of pictures but I think I'm going to have to send them next week because if I send them now I won't have time to write anything.  The new area is cool.  In my past area all the houses touched and now there is some space in between them.  The area is massive.  We share the ward with the zone leaders.  There is a bunch of really good members in the ward, but most of them are in the other area.  But things area going alright.  My new companion's first language isn't Spanish either, but it's not English, it's Portuguese.  He is from Brazil. He is a lot different than my last companion.  I guess it's normal for people to be different though.  Life would be kind of boring if they weren't.  It's still going to take some time to get used to.

There is a guy in my ward who just got his mission call last night.  He is going to Oregon.  Just kidding, he's going to Guatemala, up north where Zarate is from.  I think he is going to be in the CCM the same time as Jared.  They just won't speak the same language.

Learning a new language is really hard.  My Spanish still has a ways to go but I can talk pretty good. The grammar in Spanish is satanic.  If anyone tries to tell you it's easier than English, they're wrong. The thing that's hard in English is pronouncing the words.

 I miss you all.  
-Elder Jarvie

Monday, January 5, 2015

Moving Week

This last night a little before 10:30 when we go to bed we finally got the call about changes.  I'm going to be going some place different.  I have no idea where, I'll find out tomorrow.  I'm not too worried about it.  My companion was a little worried that night before the call though.  Speaking of Elder Z├írate, he is going to be staying in Campo Marte and train again.  It's kind of funny, my training time just ended yesterday and now he's going to do it all again.  This time though he might not have to deal with someone who doesn't speak Spanish.

Things have been going great with the mission.  There are some people that we had been working with that we haven't seen for a while, one of which is a kid named Manuel.  I think he's like 16 or 17 but he looks a lot older and is smarter than most of the people here.  He is a really cool guy and he understands everything great.  The only problem we had is when we started teaching he was a little atheist.  He still is a tad but he's getting there.

I know that this is how he is, it's just a thought but...  it bothers me a little when people try to disprove religion with science, but also when people try to disprove science with religion.  I like both a lot.  I don't know why people think they are opposites.

There is an elder that just got back from his mission in the ward we are in.  He served his mission in Salt Lake which is a little different.  They usually send the missionaries from Central America to Central America.  He is a really cool guy.  He came with us one night.  He's only been back for a few days. I can't remember what his first name is, just that his last name is Campos.  Anyway, he is great.  It's cool teaching lessons with people who have been in the mission for a long time every once in a while.  He's a great person too.

I'm going to have to pack all my things.  I have a lot of books now too.  With all the Spanish books and what not I'm going to have to pack smart.  I got my hands on a few more ties too.

I'm kind of hoping that I go to a place that has a little bit of ruins and jungle. (This made me smile.  He says it so casually as if it's an every day thing.)  One day I really hope that for P-day I get to see Mayan ruins.  If not,  I'm coming back one day.  I might come back even if I do see them while I'm here.  There aren't too much in the east mission but I think there is at least one spot.

The mornings here are really nice.  I love a cool, foggy day.  If we could just have our studies in the middle of the day when it's hot and sunny that would be great.  No, it's not too bad.  I like it here.  This place is really different, even the parts of this place are different than each other.  I'm in a neighborhood-ish place.  If I go outside the city, that would be weird.  Or I could be some where really poor where I have to wear an ugly belt or they'll steal it.  Somewhere steep would be cool but it would be kind of hard too.  I've seen parts like that, it looks like something straight out of a movie.

I still need to buy an adapter for my camera. I have some pictures, not a ton, but I do have pictures.  As soon as I get one I'll send pictures more often.

I'm out of time so I'll talk to you next week and say where I go.

-Elder Jarvie