Monday, January 25, 2016

Evil Creatures in my Stomach

Right after writing Monday I felt really sick.  We went strait to the house and I threw up.  So the first couple of days this week I was kind of sick.  Monday we stayed in and Tuesday and Wednesday we went to visit people.  Sometimes I felt all right and other times more or less.  All the members gave me a bunch of different medicines.  It looks like one of them did the trick, because I feel a lot better now.  The last one someone gave me that helped a lot was an anti-parasite medicine.  So it could be that I had little evil creatures in my stomach.
I don't know if you guys heard about this but there was a conference broadcasted to all the missionaries in the world, so that was pretty cool.  This week was stake conference for us too so we listened to a lot of good stuff.  They talked a lot about the temple and missionary work. Our mission president was there and the temple president, and elder Vayadares who is from the 70 or something. He gave a really good talk.
We have a ward mission leader now, so that is awesome. I think he is going to be an awesome mission leader too.  He came with us Sunday, and we've already got plans for what we are going to do in the ward.  A good ward mission leader is hard to find.
It was kind of an uneventful week because I was sick for a lot of it. When we had the world wide conference we took a bus to another zone, so I got to see a ton of missionaries I hadn't seen in a long time.  Things are still going awesome with Elder Nawahine.  Life is so much better with a good companion.
If you all didn't know chocolate covered pineapple is really good. Chocolate covered fruit is like a big thing here especially bananas.
Well I'm out of time, love you all, have fun, remember who you are.
love, Elder Jarvie

Monday, January 18, 2016

Foreign Food

Remington is going to Belize?  That's pretty cool.  There is a sister in my district right now from Belize, but tomorrow she won't be.  We have changes tomorrow, well we don't, my companion and I are staying.  It feels really weird to have changes right now, we only have two weeks together.  Luckily, we don't have changes.
We ate food from various different countries this week.  We passed by a member's house who had served her mission in Peru.  Her friend had come from there to visit and brought a fruit bread that is super good and some kind of soda and money from there too.  I have a coin from Peru now, just if you wanted to know.  Just before going there we had eaten pupusas, a food from El Salvador.  It's like a small fat tortilla with cheese or beans or pig cooked inside of it.  Sunday a member from our ward gave us beef jerky and peanut butter, they don't have much of that here, and we eat food from Guatemala every day so those are the 4 countries of this week.
Oh we took some pictures but this computer has problems so I might have to wait until next week to send them, sorry.
And thanks for all the family history stuff. I got pretty much all of it written in the book thing.  It's been super cool reading the stories you sent me.  There was one that had a super gruesome part.  I was reading out loud with my companion in the room when it talked about someone getting sucked into a cement machine, and someone else gathering up the limb and ah.. oh.. that's gross....
Things here are going pretty good.  It's starting to pick up a little.  We have more investigators and we know more people.  We know the area a little better too.  Sister Lilian and the Cordero family are still doing almost good, and we found a less active part-member family.
There is going to be some crazy super mission conference for like all the missionaries everywhere, and this week is going to be stake conference, so we got lots of fun coming.
I'm out of time.  Love you guys, and I'll talk to you next week.
-Elder Jarvie

Monday, January 11, 2016

No more screaming

So things went really good this week. I think I mentioned this already but Monday we had emergency changes because my companion was sick, mentally or physically I'm not sure.  But I'm getting along a lot better with my new companion.  It's been different having a companion who speaks English, but the better thing is having a companion who doesn't scream at me for no good reason.
So how many gadgets has dad made?  There has to be a ton now.  I love seeing all the projects everyone has.  It makes me want to build stuff. (Jay built a teleprompter)
There were very few investigators in this area when I got here, so things have been difficult, and it's been hard to find new ones.  We've got like three good investigators, Sister Lilian BolaƱos has a baptismal date in the second week of February.  She is a lady we contacted who sells flowers in front of her house.  She is progressing alright and came to church, so that is good.  Things here are slowly getting better.
So I hear Emerson is studying for the GED.  Is he going to keep the family tradition and go to Idaho? It sounds like he's been driving a lot too and having way too much fun. I miss snowboarding a little.
I'm not sure what else to write.  Thanks for all the family history stuff.  I took a picture of a few things because I didn't have much time to write, but I'm going to try to print it off today so I don't have to scroll by every line.  I did read a little of a few of the stories and it was super interesting. I was reading one of them out loud when I got to a part where someone got sucked into a machine and it was really kind of gross that whole part, the story in all is really good.
Well I ran out of things to say.  Thanks again for the family history stuff.  I'm going to try to print some of it off now.
love you guys, bye
-Elder Jarvie

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Emergency Transfer

Sorry but this letter is going to be a little short with everything that happened this week. Elder Vanegas went home early because he had been sick, but I have a new companion now.  His name is Elder Nawahine.  He is from Hawaii, so that's pretty cool.
Thanks for all the family history stuff.  I didn't have time to read it all but I took a picture in my camera so I'll read it tonight.
They only gave me like ten minutes to write with all the craziness Monday, but ten minutes is better than nothing right?  I'll talk to you all more Monday.  Sorry again.
-Elder Jarvie