Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wonky Houses

Sorry if this one is a little short. I had a lot to read and write.

I don't remember if I ever said anything about Hermano Otto Lorenzo from my last area.  But Sunday we went to a far off part of our area and were looking for the less active members and we found his brother.  That was really neat.

Also, when we were there I saw the wonkiest house ever. I sent you a picture but I'm not sure it captures the pure weirdness of this house. (When he first sent the picture to me he told me it was a picture of the outside of HIS house!)

You asked when Meganne goes on her mission, it's June 24th I think.  It's crazy that she is going to Oregon.

It sounds like y'all have a lot going on over there.  It started raining here, it's fantastic. I don't like the heat.  The only problem is that we hang our cloths on a line to dry them and clothes don't dry very fast when it's raining.

Thanks for writing me and I love all the pictures you send me.  Sorry that this one is a little short.
I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Jarvie

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


First off, this week was transfers, but we are both staying here which means I'll be in this area about five or six months at least. I came here when January started.

A few weeks ago I started to see fireflies.  I didn't know there were fireflies here.  So that was really cool. I don't think I had seen any before.  There are a lot of bugs that are different.
When I finished reading your letter I noticed something.  At the very end it says "sent from my sprint samsung galaxy s6." When did you buy that?  Since when did they even made an s6?  Y'all are some rich people.
I can't remember if I remembered to tell Emerson Happy Birthday, but either way I sent him a letter.  It should get there in about a month...  only a little bit late, right?
Who did Shane get engaged with?  Do I know this person? 
There isn't a ton to say about this week.  We walked a lot.  We brought an investigator to an activity.  It was good that he went but it probably would have been better if we sent him with somebody else. First off, all they played loud music and then started late.  And we didn't have any way to get back without a ride from a member, and because it started late it ended late.  And it just didn't go well for us.  Though it was a really good activity.
The week in general went pretty good.  We went knocking doors in some areas where we hadn't been much before.  It's pretty much wilderness there.  But there are still a lot of people that live there.  Just that they live off dirt trails, and some of the houses are a little less of a house.
It was a good week, just not much to say about it.  And I'm pretty much out of time.  I love you guys.
-Elder Jarvie

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day Skype

The last little bit has been fun. Skyping was the greatest. I loved talking with you guys. I think a couple of times I said a word or two in Spanish by accident.  Sometimes I think of something to say to someone but I think of the phrase in the wrong language.  That's fun. 

In the morning they told us about transfers.  We're both staying here, so at least we don't have to pack.
I thought of something I would like you to send me.  They have talked a little about family history and we were talking to a less active.  I would like to have the information for a few generations, birth dates and stuff.  I tried with my family search, because before there had been a lot there, but now it doesn't show a lot.  If there are neat stories or history that you know, that would be cool too.  I've read some interesting stuff about family history and I would love to talk more about it with investigators but I don't know a lot.
Sister Campaneros, who was there when we talked, who said her husband was in another country, he is in El Salvador.  It's another country, but the countries here are a lot smaller.  It's like if Guatemala was Oregon, he would be in California, but it's still another country.
Things here are going pretty good.  We walk a lot so at least we have something to do.
Thanks for being amazing everybody.  I'm pretty much out of time so I'll talk to you next week.  Love you all!!
Elder Jarvie

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


When it rained we got to wear clothes we almost never wear, so we took a picture.

It sounds like a lot of great stuff is happening over there.  It sounds like you have some good missionaries too.  Here we don't do too many activities in the chapel (he means at the church).  For us, part of the reason would be that we have to take a bus to get there.  We split the ward with another set of missionaries and I think we have the rich area.  There are good and bad parts to that.
Now we just need to get Michaela into ballroom dancing and we'll be set.  That is one of the things I miss. 
Dada is right.  If the companion doesn't want to work, life is crappy.  Sometimes that was a problem with my last companion.  The companion I have right now I almost never do.  My last companion was finishing his mission and was a little trunky.  My companion now had just finished his training when he came with me.  He looks like he is one of the missionaries that came with 18 year olds, but he is really twenty-one.  He is a little weird, but it's a lot better than lazy.
Dada was talking about his 3D printer.  Does it work now?  It's too bad I didn't get to see it work before I left.  That sounds so fun.  He´ll have to tell me about it Sunday or when ever we talk.  One day I'll get to play with cool things like that... one day. 
This week has been a little tough.  I don't know what is happening but everyone was busy, or away from home.  Sunday was a lot better.  I guess some times are just harder than others.
It had been really hot the last little while, but it's starting to rain and get a little cooler.  I like the rain. The heat had been killing me.
I don't think anything will be the same when I get home.  So much is happening over there.  Different is good a lot of the time so at the very least it should be fun.  I miss you guys.  I'll talk to you later.
--Elder Jarvie