Monday, November 3, 2014

Baptism this Sunday!

Hey everybody!

Thanks for the pictures and the letter Mom.  I love seeing the things that are going on at home.  It's really exciting to hear about the house.  It's sad to hear that Emerson has a wheat intolerance too. How is he doing?
Things here are going all right. Spanish is coming.  I still feel a little out of place.  It's probably because I'm a lot out of place.  You always ask if people feed us so I thought I'd tell you that yesterday we were fed by three different families.  It's a lot different here but a lot of things are really neat.  I almost said nice.  That describes very few things here, but it is an interesting place.
You asked what would be a good way for people to prepare.  I would start with every day reading the scriptures and preach my gospel with the intent of finding verses, thought and teaching ideas you could share with people.  Directly following that, I would say pray, keep the commandments and get used to the idea of doing something you're not comfortable doing all day long. (And also know if they serve in English they have no right to complain.)
We rode a bus today.  That was a fun experience. They pack those things pretty tight sometimes. It helps when at one stop you throw in like ten missionaries.
One of our investigators is getting baptized Sunday!  We've been teaching her for a little while now. I've had a lot of times when I've taught the discussions, but I've never really been comfortable doing it.  It's even worse now that I have to do it in a different language.  Thank you guys for praying for me.  Things aren't going all that bad so it helps a lot.  Keep it up please.  At least until I can speak Spanish.
Speaking of Spanish, it's actually coming along pretty well.  The last couple of weeks I've actually had people tell me that for only having the time I do I speak pretty well.  Which is a nice change considering I probably was one of the worst at speaking in the CCM.  I'm sure speaking nothing but Spanish all day helps.  Meetings with the district or zone are always really nice because I get to hear at least a little English.
I love and miss all y'all.  I hope you guys have fun
hablare con ustedes siguiente semana
(translated means, "I'll talk to you next week.")
-Love Elder Jarvie

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