Monday, January 26, 2015

Coolest Person

Hey everybody!  How's it going?

This week has been a little harder, mostly because all the Guatemalan kids started school and we've had trouble getting in contact with people.  Other than that, it's going well.
Your letter was fantastic. And the one I got from Remington and Rick's that you sent me.  I actually miss construction work with you guys sometimes.  The house looks freaking amazing.  I like the wood a lot.  I still deeply approve of Emerson's hair.  I think I might get mine cut like that.  Speaking of Emerson, I need his e-mail too.
Tell Michaela she should name her dog "chucho." (Translation is "mutt")

This week hasn't been the most eventful.  Though today we went to a field and played soccer.  Usually we just play at the church.  They like soccer a lot here.
Emerson, you're a champ, just so you know man.  You've definitely had a few parts of your personality that have been annoying, but you've grown mountains little bro.  Especially after I went to school.  You're easily one of the coolest persons I know, probably the coolest.  And you work hard. Right now I have a companion with a lot of the personality traits that bothered me about you when we were younger, only he's like four years younger than you and not half as much of a man.  Just know I love you man.  Hard times come but I don't think you're the kind of person to let them stay.  I miss you little brother. Hermano!
I'm going to write Jared.  These next few weeks probably won't be the funnest of his life.  The CCM is great, it's just a little crazy sometimes.
Love you guys,
Elder Jarvie

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