Monday, October 12, 2015

Baptism Interview

It sounds like you guys had a fun week.....mixed with a boat load of traveling... lucky dogs! I want to go to the coast. I miss swiming, though I don't miss cold water.  I get that every morning when I shower.  The beach is a ton of fun.  We will have to go there one day when I get back.
It's fun to hear that Moroni and Gordon are in the MTC now, or CCM and who knows how to say MTC in Cantonese.  Throwing in wrong words for me is mostly if I pray out loud in English.  The MTC is a struggle sometimes.  Though I guess there are struggles everywhere you go (they are just a little worse there).  Right now I would say my biggest struggle has been my companion.  My companion is the devil.  The good thing is that we have changes in two weeks.  I've been with him four and a half months already so we will definitely have changes.  That and I've learned a lot of patience.
This week we had divisions with the zone leaders.  We did it after weekly planing, and it ended really late so it was a short division, but it was good.  I got to interview someone for their baptism, so that was neat.  It was the first time I had done it. 
Things here are honestly going alright - there are a few things that drive me crazy sometimes, but there are good things too.  I really like the area I'm in right now.  It's really big and sometimes we take buses to visit people, but it is a great place.  And our house is good too.  The only down side is the shower.  Saturday I got to take a hot shower when we had divisions with the zone leaders.
Anyway, that's what's up over here.  I love you guys!  And I'll talk to you next week.
-Elder Jarvie

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