Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Conference & UNO

The last four days have been some of the most legit ever.
Number one:
Conference, I enjoyed it a lot.  There are a few ideas that I liked, and plan to apply.  The talk about ponderizing really stuck out for me.  I like the idea.
There is an elder in my district called Elder Hocket and when the guy started talking about the super long dark tunnel he started yelling that his family goes there every year. (When we watch conference there is a separate room for the people who speak English, so there were only like three of us there. So it's not like he was talking in the main room with everybody.)  But he told us a lot about it and it sounds like a really cool place.  Definitely somewhere I want to go when I get back.  Maybe I'll convince him to come with me.
That is super cool that you guys got to go there to see the conference.  It was a really good one. The weird thing is that this time around people only talked in English.
As missionaries we pretty much stayed in the stake center all day.  We would watch two hours.  Eat something and play UNO for two hours and repeat until the end when we went home right when the day ended.  Us especially, because we live far away.
Number two:
We went to the temple today!  That was great though there isn't too much to describe about it.  We also bought a few things at the distribution center there.  And we ate Taco Bell before coming back to write.  I bought a Book of Mormon en English, because I wanted to mark scriptures and mine is pretty well marked.  We also bought scriptures for some of the members here who don't have them.
Things 3 and 4 could be getting emails today and not dying in a mud slide.
We were talking with a one of our investigators who mentioned that where the slide happened was a mountain that was mostly mud or sand, which isn't the ideal place to build.  It's a better idea to build in a stony place.  Which made me think of the wise man and the foolish man.  And that in some choices we make you can loose a lot more than your house.
It's also exiting to hear that Moroni is on his way.  There are now a ton of missionaries from our ward.  And a lot of us are speaking Spanish too, though Moroni is going to come home speaking a Spanish a lot different then Jared´s and mine.  From what I've heard they talk in vosotros which is like using thou.  So that will be fun.
So I'm pretty much out of time.  This week I had a little more time to write. Thanks for the letters and pictures. I love you guys!
-Elder Jarvie

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