Monday, January 11, 2016

No more screaming

So things went really good this week. I think I mentioned this already but Monday we had emergency changes because my companion was sick, mentally or physically I'm not sure.  But I'm getting along a lot better with my new companion.  It's been different having a companion who speaks English, but the better thing is having a companion who doesn't scream at me for no good reason.
So how many gadgets has dad made?  There has to be a ton now.  I love seeing all the projects everyone has.  It makes me want to build stuff. (Jay built a teleprompter)
There were very few investigators in this area when I got here, so things have been difficult, and it's been hard to find new ones.  We've got like three good investigators, Sister Lilian BolaƱos has a baptismal date in the second week of February.  She is a lady we contacted who sells flowers in front of her house.  She is progressing alright and came to church, so that is good.  Things here are slowly getting better.
So I hear Emerson is studying for the GED.  Is he going to keep the family tradition and go to Idaho? It sounds like he's been driving a lot too and having way too much fun. I miss snowboarding a little.
I'm not sure what else to write.  Thanks for all the family history stuff.  I took a picture of a few things because I didn't have much time to write, but I'm going to try to print it off today so I don't have to scroll by every line.  I did read a little of a few of the stories and it was super interesting. I was reading one of them out loud when I got to a part where someone got sucked into a machine and it was really kind of gross that whole part, the story in all is really good.
Well I ran out of things to say.  Thanks again for the family history stuff.  I'm going to try to print some of it off now.
love you guys, bye
-Elder Jarvie

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