Monday, May 9, 2016

Bag of Water

Second to the left is Elder Barrera, we were all his companions.

Elder Hockett

Multi-Zone Conference

So I started today out with pretty bad luck.  We were walking down the street to go to the internet cafe to write and I felt something hit me on the top of the head.  I touched my hair and it was a fat gob of bird crap.  So I had to buy a bag of water and wash my head off in the street.
I think you're right about the roommate thing.  After some of the companions I've had I think I could take living in the same house with just about anyone.  Oh, speaking of roommates, I've written Dominic a few times.  The funny thing is he says Taylor Hart (who lived a few houses down from us) is in the same mission as him, and they're in the same ward too.  Dominic is coming home in like 6 months now. 
Tell Remington he has to wait until I get back to get married.  He can get married the day I get back if he wants.  When I was with Elder Nawahine he told me his brother was dating a girl and planned on proposing in December.  I'm not an expert at this, but I would think if you were really going to get married you wouldn't wait like ten months to propose.  That seems like a long time.  So tell Remington to propose whenever he wants but wait until August or September to get married.
The pictures of the house definitely deserve a rich people sign, but sadly it's not part of the English alphabet.  Emerson's drifting event looks like fun.  I'm going to have to learn more about fixing cars when I get home.  The other thing I was thinking about learning was to play the piano.  I think two good life goals are playing an instrument and speaking a second language.  I've got Spanish down, so I think an instrument is next on the list.
Some of these cars Emerson has deserve a rich people sign too.  That kid must know what he's doing. When you told me about Emerson drifting and said something about guess what happened next, the way you said it made me think he crashed it and was in the hospital or something.  It's too bad it had a problem, but on the bright side he's still alive.
Sunday we got the Liahona.  I got two in English so I'm happy.  Reading in Spanish is almost the same, it's kind of like driving your own car, or using your own bathroom.  Other people's cars, bathrooms, and languages work just fine, but every once in a while you just feel more comfortable using yours.
Thanks for everything guys.  It was great talking to you yesterday.  I'll be back soon and I'll make sure you don't end up with hundreds of lemon cucumbers again.  We need to make homemade hamburgers too, fast food is just not the same.  And anything cooked in an oven, very few people here have ovens and those who do don't use them.
Well my time is up, love you guys, bye!
-Elder Jarvie

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