Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Service Project Part 2

My companion - Elder Rodriguez from Honduras
Elder Orellana

Roof Repair Service
Our mission president decided not to be as mean as the assistants and gave us 30 minutes to write.  So I'll be able to explain a little more about the week.  My new area is Las Victorias. It's in zone one, smack dab in the middle of the city.  I've seen buses pass by going to every area I know.  My new companion is Elder Rodriguez from Honduras, the third companion from Honduras I've had.  So that's cool, and he's one of the better companions I've had. (A mother's prayer answered.)
The bench looks super nice. I showed one of the pictures to some of the missionaries here, and they agree about the whole rich people thing.  Elder Lugo said you can adopt him if you want.  But seriously the house looks super nice. (Everything looks nicer when you've lived in a third world country for two years.)
Monday we did a service project. I think I explained yesterday that that is why we couldn't write.  We were helping a lady fix her roof and it took a lot longer than we thought it would.   And we couldn't leave her without a roof, especially because it's been raining a lot.   You can probably see how the roof is from one of the pictures.
For my birthday we have an investigator that makes super good pizza, so we are going to celebrate Monday with the zone and buy stuff, pay him and help him make a bunch of pizzas.  So it should be pretty cool.  After we will probably play soccer or something like that.
Last week they sent me a thing saying I had to make a bunch of goals for the next ten years and a bunch of other things: spiritual experiences, etc.
I sent some of the pictures from the service project we did Monday.  I'll send more pictures next Monday.  Maybe...
Ohh... I almost forgot... tell Dad and Spanky happy birthday for me! Well I'm out of time.  Thanks for everything.  I'll talk to y'all Monday.
-Elder Jarvie

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