Monday, August 8, 2016

Skirt Burning

Today I have to finish writing and type up a list of goals and then take a bus to the mission office and talk with President Crapo.  My last interview is planned for today at 3p.  President says it usually lasts about 45 minutes.  He must have a lot of confidence in himself if he thinks he can get me to talk for 45 minutes... no I'm just kidding.  After talking to people all day for the last two years I've gotten a little better at that.  So, I have a long interview today, that should be fun.

So as you can see in the picture I sent you, my companion finished 18 months in the mission, and since that's the time sisters serve, he burnt a skirt to symbolize not being a sister anymore.  In Guatemala there are a bunch of little stores everywhere in the street, including some called "pacas" which are used clothes stores.  If you have time, here is probably the best place to find used clothes.  I found a pair of shorts for 3 quetzales.  Considering that every 8 quetzales is a dollar, that's a pretty good price.  I think I already told you about the shoes I bought for six bucks.  Anyway, funny part of the story was Elder Rodriguez was talking and joking a lot with the guy trying to get him to sell the skirt cheaper.  In the end, the guy told him he would sell it cheaper if he put it on. 
The area here is totally city.  Honestly, everything looks the same to me.  It's a good area though.  Just for some reason no one wants to come to church.  Everybody says they're going to come until Sunday and then they don't.  So that's rough, but I guess that's life.
About the whole souvenirs thing, I'm going to be with president today, so I'm going to ask him permission to go to Mercado Central (central market).  That's pretty close to our area and buy stuff there next Monday.  Well actually it might be next Tuesday, because we are going to the temple.  So if I don't write next Monday, that's why.
Well I'm out of time.  Thanks for everything.  I'll talk to you next week.
-Elder Jarvie

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