Monday, December 8, 2014

Burn The Devil

Things here are going pretty well. I think I've told you already that I'm not the newest person anymore, which is really different.  But it makes me feel good about myself.  That and my Spanish is doing a lot better.  I loved the pictures from home.

Something fun happened yesterday, well actually two things.  First it was "quemar el diablo," (burn the devil) so at about six o'clock, in the middle of a lesson, fireworks started going off.  I had heard that it was going to happen but I had kind of forgotten about it.  Anyway, the fireworks didn't stop for a while.  And it wasn't a little bit of fireworks either.  There was a decent amount and they were loud. Sadly though I missed the burning of the devil pinatas because we were in a lesson.  But it was for a good cause.

The other thing was the Christmas Devotional.  We went to the stake center and highlight of my life they had an English room.  It's like a family's room only it's for white people.  So I got to understand every word.

Starting with the things I read in dad's letter, these are my thoughts: 1st - make sure to send me a picture or two or more of the door when it's done, or before it's done. 2nd - sometimes I miss working on the house with you guys.  I don't feel the same way about cutting tile, but have fun. 3rd - nice job outsmarting the rat.

Speaking of animals, I've been thinking about writing about the creatures here but I haven't gotten around to it.  There is a large amount of stray dogs.  I don't know how many are stray actually but there is a lot of dogs.  The thing I didn't expect is the amount of dogs that have sweaters. It's the colder time of the year.  It's actually been a little cold sometimes in the night.  I guess the people think the dogs get cold too.  People ask me why I'm not wearing a sweater all the time.  (I just looked up the weather for today.  Their high is 70 degrees and their low is 55 degrees!) Next creature of Guatemala is the cockroaches.  There isn't a lot but there definitely is.  I'm trying to think of something to compare them to in amount but I can't.  They're in the house sometimes.  They really aren't a problem here though.  I'm sure there are other houses that are worse.  Next animal is goats.  In the middle of the city there will be some Guatemalan kid walking his herd of goats.  It's kind of funny.  This last thing I've only seen once.  It was this morning just before we left the house.  We went to the bedroom to get something and there was a scorpion chilling on my companion's bed.  
So that was cool.

We had exchanges with the zone leaders this week so I had a white companion for a day, though we talked in Spanish a lot of the time.  It was cool to be able to talk my native language.  And he's a cool dude, so it was good.

You mentioned the "He is the Gift" video.  I saw it and it was really good.  Only I didn't see it in English.  In Spanish it's called "él es la dádiva" and still really good.   We've been giving lots of people little cards with the video address on it.

Make sure to mail me Rick´s letters and pictures of home and my beloved family and whatever thing you feel would be good.

I miss you guys, but not too bad.  Don't worry.  I'm excited to call home for Christmas.  I'd tell you when and how or whatever but I have no idea.  Love y'all bye.

-Elder Jarvie 

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