Monday, December 15, 2014

Miracle and Newspaper

Hey everybody!
Honestly sometimes I miss working on the house with you all, but I don't miss cutting tile.  It's almost as bad as speaking Spanish.  The pictures of the dining room look really great though. Make sure to keep sending me pictures.
It sounds like "bishopness" runs in Jared's family.  Speaking of Jared, tell him if he has any questions about Guatemala, I'm here.  Also tell him that I've heard his mission has the most relaxed rules.  At least that's what I've heard.  Probably as far as music and stuff.  Oh and that when he goes it's going to be called "Guatemala ciudad sur."  They'll probably actually say "ciudad de Guatemala."  That's a little more correct in Spanish.
I forgot to tell you when I got them, but I did get a letter from my seminary class.  Well, a letter stuffed with letters.  They were great.  Make sure and thank them for me.  Moroni wrote me a letter in Spanish.  I started reading it and thought, "oh hey, he wrote part in Spanish."  I was about half way through when I noticed  it was all in Spanish.  So props for that.  If he goes Spanish speaking, at the very least the MTC will be a lot less painful.
That's sad to hear about Remington and Blue. She was pretty cool.  He will just need to hang around Michaela's puppy.   Puppies always make me feel better.  Man I love puppies.  Still sad to hear about Remington and Blue.
Your ward Christmas party sounds fun.  We had a stake devotional.  It was almost all choir.  It's harder to understand a different language when people are singing, but it doesn't matter as much, so it's not a big deal.  It was actually a really good choir.
Tell your new young woman that I will gladly be a doodle buddy if she wants.  I need more excuses to draw.  I only have one doodle buddy right now, and letters take a little while so I could do it.
Anyway, things here are going good.  There was a firework show near our neighborhood so that was pretty cool.  The kids here love firecrackers and stuff.  They don't have as many rules here, so there are "bangs" all over the place.  Some a lot bigger than others.  I think I told you about "quemar al diablo," but anyway, lots of fireworks.
Last week our ward took a trip to the other temple in Guatemala, so we didn't have any members to come with us.  But a miracle happened.  A little after we left the house we met a guy from a different ward who came with us for a while and introduced us to a boat load of people.  He was a really interesting character.  He had a formal coat with shoulder pads and the pockets were stuffed with things and newspaper.  He was a really cool guy though and had the greatest handwriting.
Anyway things are going good here.  Spanish is still a little bit of a pain but it's a lot less so.  And I'm doing great.  I'm out of time so I'll talk to you all next week.
Love, Elder Jarvie

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