Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Skype Visit

This morning when we went to the stake center for p-day there was a box waiting for me and a letter, but I'm going to talk about the box.  I'm really happy about the pictures.  I've been wanting pictures of the family.  Sometimes people ask me if I have pictures of my family, and now I do!  I also enjoyed all of your letters.  I got a letter from Meganne too, that was the other thing waiting for me.  I've only had the chance to read them once, but I really loved reading them.  I'll read them again when I have the chance.  I really need to write everybody back, you guys are the greatest.

The pencil you sent me is super cool. I love how it pops out.  It's super legit, or as we would say in Guatemala, "super chilero."  The only bad thing is that the big thing of replacement lead you sent me is .7 and the pencil is .5.   I think the replacements I have for the pencil I lost are .5 though so it should be alright.
The Oregon shirts are cool too.  I translated your note for my companion and then kept them both. Just kidding.  We opened them together.  It was just like Christmas.
The book you sent me with the temple on the front is the coolest thing I've ever seen.  I'm not sure what is worthy to be written in it.  Also the plan de salvación cards were really cool, in Spanish even. Also the 17 puntos de la iglesia verdadera.  It was all amazing.
The box said 30 dollars of paper.  We are still kind of confused by that.  I assume it must be all the books and stuff in total.  And the letters are paper, that's worth at least 30 bucks for me.
Talking for Christmas was awesome. Freaking fantastic!  I'm not sure what to say about that, other than that it was great.  I love you guys. 
My Spanish is doing a lot better than when I started.  It's really different living in a different language.  Sometimes I slip up in English.  Sometimes I feel like now I'm uncomfortable talking two languages instead of just one.
Did I mention that this is the most legit pencil I've ever seen in my life.  Where did you find this thing? 
We've got changes coming up after this week (in Spanish they call transfers "cambios" which is the word for change, so everybody here calls transfers changes.)  Any way, this is the last week of the change so when it ends I might get moved.  Or they could move my companion and then I would have to remember things, scary thought.  I have enough trouble with the words.
Any way,  I'm pretty much out of time so I'll talk to you next week.  I love you all!!
Elder Jarvie

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