Monday, December 1, 2014

The Bus Ride


The man in the picture of me and my companion you were talking about is a member of our ward. (See first picture.)  His name is Juan Carlos and he does speak pretty good English. (Juan had posted the picture on facebook on Thanksgiving and tagged Donavaghn.  When I commented on the picture in English my family told me he probably wouldn't be able to understand what I wrote.)  I think especially when he's reading or writing it.  Knowing words and speaking is a little different.  He's pretty cool and he will probably understand anything you send him.

Thanks for the pictures. I'm still looking for a cord, or at least thinking about looking for a cord.  I will see what I can do.   Our Christmas tree is fake. It does have lights though.  We got it from a couple in our ward, the Lorenzo family.  Like Lorenzo Snow, except Guatemalan.

I haven't heard much about people stealing packages or letters, mail and what not, so you shouldn't have to worry about it too much.
On the way here to write, we rode a bus.  It was pretty full to begin with but then we stopped like four or five times on the way to pick up other groups of people.  So.. it was pretty freaking tight.  That was the most people I've been in the same bus with so far.  What made it better, is that last week was the end of the transfer so there are new people in the field.  A new white person, who has been here just less than a week, was with us for the experience.  I swear that bus almost rolled a few times when we turned.  If it would have fallen over there would have been enough people that not much would have changed.  OK,  so not quite that full, but close.
I never thought I'd see the day when I spoke better Spanish than somebody, (Is he referring to the "new white person?)  My Spanish is making its way up even if I am lacking a few words. 
On a sad note, Thanksgiving came and went and I didn't even realize until the next day.  It was one of my favorite holidays back home too.  I'm fine just as long as you all celebrated good for me.
Sometimes things are a little different here.  Sometimes you just got to love it though. The weird buses and sidewalks that are falling apart.  And some people live in the jungle and the city at the same time.
I've said before I think that the houses are interesting.  They are all different.  I would send you pictures but it would be a little weird to knock on a door and say, "Hi, we're missionaries.  Can we take some pictures of you house."
Tell Emerson to snowboard hard for me. (Emerson is snowboarding in Utah for two weeks.)
Christmas is coming up and I will get to call home. Are you excited or what? I'm going to try to send a few pictures now.
Love, Elder Jarvie

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