Monday, February 2, 2015

Soccer Face

Donavaghn's zone.  He said the soccer field where they play is on the other side.  
And that this area is probably the richest neighborhood around for miles.

Below, are the new scripture covers he bought. On the front it has his name and mission.

I logged into my e-mail and there was 12 letters waiting for me.  Half of them were pictures, but still. (Thanks for the pictures.  The house looks great and so does the puppy, but Emerson's hair should have stayed the same.  Just kidding, it looks good too.)   Things here have been going good.  We had a ward activity about the Plan of Salvacion.  It was super cool.  Different people did different parts. The young men did spirit prison.  It was probably the best part.  They put a black tarp or something on the walls and a red piece of cloth over the light (and a few things more).  It was freaking awesome. The other part that was great is that the two investigators that we invited showed up.  One of which has a baptismal date.  He lives just outside our neighborhood, well he works there.  It's an internet cafe.  There are a ton of those in Guatemala.

Today we played soccer.  Latinos go hard.  It's good fun though.  Apart from the time I got pegged right in the face.  Hopefully it's still pretty.  We play "fútbol" every week for p-day.

Sorry if this letter is short, like I said I had to read and write a lot.  Not that I'm complaining.  It's just my excuse for not writing a ton.

And I have 52 seconds.  I love y'all.

Elder Jarvie

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