Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Remington

Hey how's it going everybody?
That is super legit that you all moved into the house.  You'll have to send me some pictures of it looking like people live there.
It looks like your trip was good.  Those cactus are really cool.  The cactus you sent me in one of those pictures is freaking gigantic.
Things here are going good.  We found out last night that both me and my companion are staying here, so at the very least we don't have to move anything.  And hopefully we can help this area out a little more.  It's kind of a different area. 
We had stake conference.  It was really good.  Saturday there was a session of the leadership.  The temple president here gave a really good talk.  Cultural differences are really funny.  A guy was talking about how before marriage your eyes have to be really big, (searching for someone or something like that) but that after they have to be "chinitos" (or little Chinese eyes)  In the middle of stake conference racial jokes from the pulpit aren't weird in Guatemala.  Anyway, I thought that was pretty funny.
Tell Remington Happy Birthday for me.
I'm still super exited that you guys moved to the other house.  That's super cool.  Not having a yard kind of sucked. 
You need to send me a picture of the whole house from the front, and a few more.
I'm almost out of time and I don't have much more to say anyway, so I love and miss you all.
Have fun.
-Elder Jarvie

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