Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wonky Houses

Sorry if this one is a little short. I had a lot to read and write.

I don't remember if I ever said anything about Hermano Otto Lorenzo from my last area.  But Sunday we went to a far off part of our area and were looking for the less active members and we found his brother.  That was really neat.

Also, when we were there I saw the wonkiest house ever. I sent you a picture but I'm not sure it captures the pure weirdness of this house. (When he first sent the picture to me he told me it was a picture of the outside of HIS house!)

You asked when Meganne goes on her mission, it's June 24th I think.  It's crazy that she is going to Oregon.

It sounds like y'all have a lot going on over there.  It started raining here, it's fantastic. I don't like the heat.  The only problem is that we hang our cloths on a line to dry them and clothes don't dry very fast when it's raining.

Thanks for writing me and I love all the pictures you send me.  Sorry that this one is a little short.
I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Jarvie

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