Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day Skype

The last little bit has been fun. Skyping was the greatest. I loved talking with you guys. I think a couple of times I said a word or two in Spanish by accident.  Sometimes I think of something to say to someone but I think of the phrase in the wrong language.  That's fun. 

In the morning they told us about transfers.  We're both staying here, so at least we don't have to pack.
I thought of something I would like you to send me.  They have talked a little about family history and we were talking to a less active.  I would like to have the information for a few generations, birth dates and stuff.  I tried with my family search, because before there had been a lot there, but now it doesn't show a lot.  If there are neat stories or history that you know, that would be cool too.  I've read some interesting stuff about family history and I would love to talk more about it with investigators but I don't know a lot.
Sister Campaneros, who was there when we talked, who said her husband was in another country, he is in El Salvador.  It's another country, but the countries here are a lot smaller.  It's like if Guatemala was Oregon, he would be in California, but it's still another country.
Things here are going pretty good.  We walk a lot so at least we have something to do.
Thanks for being amazing everybody.  I'm pretty much out of time so I'll talk to you next week.  Love you all!!
Elder Jarvie

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