Wednesday, May 20, 2015


First off, this week was transfers, but we are both staying here which means I'll be in this area about five or six months at least. I came here when January started.

A few weeks ago I started to see fireflies.  I didn't know there were fireflies here.  So that was really cool. I don't think I had seen any before.  There are a lot of bugs that are different.
When I finished reading your letter I noticed something.  At the very end it says "sent from my sprint samsung galaxy s6." When did you buy that?  Since when did they even made an s6?  Y'all are some rich people.
I can't remember if I remembered to tell Emerson Happy Birthday, but either way I sent him a letter.  It should get there in about a month...  only a little bit late, right?
Who did Shane get engaged with?  Do I know this person? 
There isn't a ton to say about this week.  We walked a lot.  We brought an investigator to an activity.  It was good that he went but it probably would have been better if we sent him with somebody else. First off, all they played loud music and then started late.  And we didn't have any way to get back without a ride from a member, and because it started late it ended late.  And it just didn't go well for us.  Though it was a really good activity.
The week in general went pretty good.  We went knocking doors in some areas where we hadn't been much before.  It's pretty much wilderness there.  But there are still a lot of people that live there.  Just that they live off dirt trails, and some of the houses are a little less of a house.
It was a good week, just not much to say about it.  And I'm pretty much out of time.  I love you guys.
-Elder Jarvie

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