Monday, June 8, 2015

Hot Dogs

Donavaghn and Elder Espinoza

Back row left to right:  Elder Moya, Elder Torex and Hermana Encinas
Bench left to right: Elder Bonilla, Ronald McDonald and Elder Garcia
In front is Elder Lugo

Hey family what's up?

In response to the brainwashed thing, crazy stuff does happen here but the areas I've been in are usually super calm. (In my letter I said, "I know they brainwash you and tell you to only write home happy things about your mission, but sometimes I would like to know how you're really doing.") Friday they told us there was going to be some political thing that might get crazy in a few areas.  They told us to go to our houses if the police came.   They also took away our permission to use tuc tucs because awhile back gangsters had been attacking the drivers.  Extortion or something.  But nothing bad has happened close to me.  Most of my area is residencial areas so nothing really happens, but we started going to Canaan, so with any luck we will start to see the crazys.... just kidding.  We are never there at night anyway.  We usually just stay there a few hours in the afternoon because we have to time the bus right.

The missionaries here are planning on cooking too.  (I had told him Emerson was spending the day with our missionaries who are having a barbeque.)  The plan is that everyone is going to cook food from their country.  I think me and two or three other gringos are going to do hot dogs.  If there is one thing I don't like about the houses here (missionary houses) it's that the stoves never work good and there is very little to cook with.  I like to cook but our stove is awful so I almost never do.

I would like to know the Eagle Point maximum heat.  Sometimes people don't think it gets hot over there.  (If you're interested in a little trivia, according to the internet our record highs are: June -111 degrees in 1992, July - 115 degrees in 1946, August - 114 degrees in 1982 and September - 110 degrees in 1988.  So I think that qualifies as "hot" don't you? Though we usually just average in the 90's in the summer thankfully!)

How much more do you have left to do on the house?  (More than I care to think about.)  When Christmas comes around you'll have to Skype me on a laptop or tablet so you can show me everything.  The pictures I've seen so far look amazing.

That's super exciting to hear that Michaela got her license. (Oregon Cosmetology)

Sadly, last week we didn't hike the hill.  Honestly, hiking is one of the things I miss.  Well we do a fair share of hiking here. but hiking as a missionary is different than camping in the woods.

Well I'm pretty much out of time so I'll talk to you all next week.

-Elder Jarvie

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