Monday, June 22, 2015


Dear family.. what's good in the hood?
This week went super fast, partly because we had p-day Tuesday and partly because it was the last week.  So they told us about changes yesterday.  Elder Bonilla and I are both leaving the area.  I don't know if they are just closing it for a little while or if they're going to be putting someone else there or what.  But it's kind of sad.  I've been here for almost six months and you kind of get partially attached to the people.  But I guess God does what He does for a reason and it will all be well in the end.
Last week when we went to the temple I bought some videos.  If people have a TV, I love teaching with little short videos.  I need to get myself a copy of this video they made a while back, Because He Lives. 
Yesterday we went and visited people in Canaan with a guy who got back from his mission a few months ago.  We hadn't gone with him much because he goes to a different ward with his family.  It's good  to see that some people don't slack off after their mission.  He is a super cool guy.
Did you get the picture of the bird I sent you?  It's pretty cool right?  We were walking up the street and saw it through someone's open window.  And by pure luck I had my camera with me.  I think that thing has a beak bigger than its body.
Thanks for the pictures by the way.  It looks like you all had some fun.  (Doing landscaping in the front yard and youth conference)  I don't recognize two of those kids, who are they? (We had 8 young men that came for youth conference sleep at our house)  I love pictures of the house too.  It's super weird to see it finished.  I know I helped build it and everything but it looks a lot different.  It looks like a house of super rich people.  How many huge TVs and computers on the walls or is it the same one? (Living in a Third World country makes you look at things a little differently.  For the record, we have one TV and it is smaller than anyone else's I know.)
I wonder where they are going to send me?  Maybe I'll go outside of the city this time, who knows... That or they'll stick me back in the middle of the city. 
It's weird how many of the people I know are now on missions or going on missions.  I think when I left it was just Adam.  Now Rick, Gavin, and Jared.  And Moroni is leaving in a little while and Meganne is going out in a few days too.
But any way my writing time left me, so I'll talk to you all next week.
-Elder Jarvie

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