Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Temple Trip

Elder Bonilla & Donavaghn

Elder Bonilla, Elder Polanco & Donavaghn

 Elder Espinoza, Elder Polanco & Donavaghn

 Guatemala's Flag

Hey, how's everybody doing? Sorry if this letter is a little short, I had a lot of stuff to read and write. This week was pretty good.  Also we got to go to the temple.  We got to ride through Guatemala in a school bus on the way there.  Apart from that, I don't think too much happened.
Ohh.. we had ward conference.  There were two talks that I loved a ton.  One about giant of our lives and the other of a few different stories.  One was a kid who would read the Bible with his grandpa. He told his grandpa that he didn't remember anything.  So his grandpa told him to take the basket where they kept the coal and go get water from the river.  When he came back, the water had escaped out the bottom.  The grandpa told him to do it again.  After about the 3rd time the kid got frustrated and the grandpa told him to look in the basket.  There wasn't any water but the old dirty basket was clean. That's the short version at least but I think you get the picture.  

Next week is going to be changes.  We don't know anything for sure, but I've been here for almost six months so I'm probably going to a different area.   Maybe they will send me outside the city.  That would be cool.
That is super cool that Moroni is going to Madrid.  I'm pretty sure Madrid is the capital. Also where one of the most famous soccer teams come from. If it's like here, chances are he will be playing soccer every week. Also, from what I've heard, the Spanish from Spain is like reading the Bible with a lisp.  The Bible comment mostly because we don't use "vosotros"  (you)  in Central America.  Here they use "tu"  (your) but they don't let the missionaries because it's informal.  And I've heard that the missionaries in Spain can. You know how when people say his name wrong it's like "Morony," well that is how they say Moroni when they read the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It's going to be cool how many of the kids from our ward will speak Spanish.  Only for Jared and I he is going to talk a little funny.  But a lot of the music in Spanish comes from Spain.  I hadn't really thought about that.  We are just used to the Spanish speakers being from Mexico.
Anyway, that's all the time I have so I'll talk to you all next week.  And this time we only have to wait six days!
Love you guys!
-Elder Jarvie

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