Monday, November 2, 2015


So this week was changes and I can honestly say I'm really happy with them.  I'm still here in the durazno and my companion is Elder Ramirez from Honduras.  So far I've had one from Brazil, 2 from Momostenango Guatemala, and 2 from Honduras.  So far I get along really well with him.  The problem I had with my last companion was that he was kind of lazy and didn't want to do much.  My new comanion isn't lazy at all, so I'm super happy,
Sunday was a holiday where everyone goes and visits their relatives in the cemetery and flies kites too.  I tried taking a picture of the kites but it didn't come out.  You could see a ton of kites from the hill by the cemetery,  It looked like a beehive.  Around five thirty we started contacting the people who were on their way back.  Usually, it's hard to contact a lot of people here but it was like a river of people that day.
I'm going to try to get a hand written letter sent too (the old fashioned way) because there were a lot of fun stories this week.  Also I'll make sure to take a picture with my new companion this week to send you guys.
Pobrecitos, suffering from heat in HAWAII.  There isn't air conditioning here either.  Luckily, the weather in Guatemala is always perfect.  I just want hot water.
Ask Remington if he is going to bring me presents before he shaves the beard.  Speaking of Santa, Christmas is coming up.  Man, I love Skype calls!  Make sure you have a laptop, I want to see the house.
Sorry I don't have pictures this time around, this computer doesn't want to read my camera anyway. But next week for sure I'll get some sent. 
All in all, things are going really good here.  I get along great with my new companion, and everything is a lot better.
So that's what happened this week. I'll talk to y'all next week.
-Elder Jarvie

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