Monday, November 23, 2015

Selfie Stick Pictures

 The Rodriguez family, Erick and my companion.
They had one of those sticks to take selfies, so I took a few pictures.
Things here have been going really good.  It's been raining here a lot too.  Every morning there is a ton of fog.  I like cold weather, the only down side is that the shower is ice cold.
On the brighter side, Esbin, Marvin´s brother, is going to get baptized the first week of December.  So that's cool.  He has been coming to church for a while now and is now one of the people that comes up to me and says "gringo" whenever he sees me in the street.  When I say "street," I mean dirt road, but same difference right?
I don't ever remember holidays until someone tells me.  Do you guys remember the time I told you that my companion forgot his birthday?  Which reminds me, happy birthday!  This is the 2nd year that someone asked me if I did anything for Thanksgiving yesterday and I thought to myself, "it was yesterday, huh..."   It's not a holiday here.
And before I forget, tell the pirate red beard that his facial hair is looking pretty good.  So I'm short on time and I can't think of too much to say.
I love you guys and I'll talk to you next week.  Sorry that this letter is a little shorter.
Elder Jarvie

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