Monday, December 21, 2015

Family History

Hey everybody!!
I still feel weird in a different area. I know it a little better now, but not quite what I'm used to.  There was very little when I came here, so it's been a little hard.  But this week we contacted a lady in the street and this Sunday we had a lesson.  She accepted a baptismal date, asked a bunch of questions, and it was pretty awesome, the lesson.
Oh! I just remembered something really important.  In the multi-zone conference they talked about family history, the spirit of Elijah. and the temple and stuff.  They have a pamphlet that they want us to have filled out that includes our family tree up to great grand parents I think, dates, places, pictures, if their temple work has been done and any other little thing you want to write down.  I don't know exactly how much information like that  you have, but I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANT IT.  If you could e-mail me the information and pictures if you have them I can have them printed here.  At least the 4 generations. Please.
Christmas is coming!! And just as awesome, Skype.  I'm still not a hundred percent sure where we are going to go to Skype, but one family offered, so at least we have a possible choice.  Also speaking of Christmas things, the box still hasn't come yet, so this Wednesday or sometime after Christmas.
It's great to hear that Kennon got his mission call.  You will have to send me his e-mail so I can write him a few times.
Speaking of missionaries, I think Jared is in zone 7, so he could be more or less close to my first area. It's weird to think we are in the same city right.  Not just the same country, the same city.  It's a big city, but we are in the same city.
Sometimes I feel important because the United States Embassy sends me e-mails.  It's like an update they send to everyone who's not in the states or something like that, but it makes me feel pretty cool.
It's super cool to hear about all the people that are on missions now or going to leave soon.  I've got a big list of friends on missions right now.
Sometimes I catch myself screwing up when I write or talk in English now.  I don't know if the amount of grammatical errors I make is more or if I just feel like that, but I don't think I talk the same in English anymore.
We got Liahonas this week. I really liked the book they did in memory of Richard G Scott.  The quote on the back I like a lot.

                                  Heavenly Father didn't put us on Earth to fail
                                             but to succeed gloriously.

Or something like that.  The point is that I enjoyed reading it a lot.  Those books that they do about the life of the apostles are really interesting. 
So those are my thoughts for now.  Hopefully it was all understandable.  I'm pretty much out of time now, so I'll talk to you all more, later this week.
Elder Jarvie

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