Monday, December 14, 2015

Panamanian Companion

This week has been really weird.  Like I had said I had changes.  I'm back in Zona 18 but not close to Esperanza.  I'm in a place called Pinares Del Norte.  My ward is Pinares 2.  It's all city, so it's a little different than what Im used to.  And I don't know anyone.  We don't have anyone that comes with us to visit and we have very few investigators.  We have found a few this week though.
As far as my new companion goes, things are alright.  His name is Elder Vanegas, and he is from Panama.  He is a little sick though.  He has been having a few health problems so that's been making it hard too. But other than that it's been alright.  I did get along well with Elder Ramirez so I was kind of sad we were only together for one change.
I almost forgot the list:
   -2 from Guatemala (Momostenango, Totonicapan)
   -2 from Honduras (Comoayagua, and San Pedro Sula)
   -1 from Brasil
   -1 from Panama
and if you count the MTC one from California.
It's good to hear that everything went well with grandma's funeral.  It sounded like she was doing pretty bad before she died.
It's really good to hear that Kennon is doing good though, I haven't seen him in ages.  And it sounds like I won't be seeing him anytime soon, seeing that he's got his mission papers in.  Or maybe he will come to the Guatemala East Mission and we can be companions.  That would be fun right.
Two other things changed with changes, my zone is really big and my district is really small.  Before we were like 10 missionaries in the zone and I had had like 6 or 8 in my district.  Here there are like 22 missionaries in the zone and my district in just Pinares 1 and 2, us and a companionship of sister missionaries.  So that is really different.
This week we are going to have a multi-zone conference in Molino, so we are going to be there with everyone from my last zone too.
I'm really exited for Christmas too, we just have to find who is going to lend us their computer.  It's super weird to think that this is going to be my 2nd Christmas here.  It doesn't feel like it's been that long.  At first time went by pretty slow, but now it goes way too fast.
So that was pretty much my week.  Things have been going good.  Sorry that I didn't send any pictures.  I'll try to take more this week.  Thanks for everything.
-Elder Jarvie

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