Monday, March 28, 2016

Belt Buckle & Birthday

 At first he told me this was his new belt buckle that he was going to wear every day...
but then he said the belt was a joke, that it belonged to the 
Gonzalez family and that his mission leaders would probably 
shoot him if he wore it, but he thought it was pretty cool.

The  Gonzalez family
(Notice Donavaghn's lovely pink tiara) 
 Elder Nawahine with Dora the Explorer
Would love to hear the story of that tiara...
LOVE that cheezy grin!
 The Portilla family
 Birthday Pancake

Easter week is always the worst here.  Everyone leaves town and there are huge Catholic celebrations.  We didn't see too many here, just one or two in the beginning of the week.  But it's rough with everyone being out of town.  There were a few people who stayed.
The family who we brought to church last week came this Sunday too.  They are amazing! We put a baptismal goal for April too.  The only thing that's a little hard with them is that the dad works for the police, so he has to work Sundays a lot.  But they are an amazing family.  They came all by themselves this Sunday.
Your lesson was from last conference right?  That was a good talk. (It Works Wonderfully by Pres Uchtdorf) I really liked "A summer with great Aunt Rose." (or something like that)  It was from the women's session, but it was really good.
That picture of Kennon is awesome.  How much longer is he in the MTC?
This week was my companion's birthday.  Saturday the Gonzalez family is a family who always invites us over to eat, for my companion's birthday they bought a cake.  The little girl cut her hair short and kind of looks like Dora the explorer, so in one of the pictures we took we made her hold the Dora backpack.  Fun fact, in Spanish Dora the explorer does rhyme.  It's "Dora la exploradora."
The Portilla family put candles in some pancakes when they found out it was Elder Nawahine's birthday and sang to him.  It's kind of funny that one thing everyone knows in English is the Happy Birthday song.
I think if I send really short videos they can go though, or maybe just turn the quality down.  So ill try this week, because I'm sure that would be fun.  I think there is like a 35 mb limit or something like that. 

Oh and one day we did a service project with a school (I think the manual says we not supposed to do that, oops) Sister Portillo is going to pass me some of the pictures, so if it's true one of these days I'll send you some pictures of us with legions of little Guatemalan kids.  We were handing out school supplies.
It wasn't really all that eventful of a week.  We went to the hospital a few more times.  They've done all the tests, so they should know what my companion has pretty soon, so he doesn't die.  The highlight was definitely the Godinez Perez family though.
Well that's all the time I have, talk to you all next week, love you guys!
-Elder Jarvie

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