Monday, April 11, 2016


I love how this video shows Donavaghn's dry sense of humor so well!

Although you have to kink your neck to watch it, I love being able to see what the city looks like.

This week went super well.  We've been teaching a family, I think I've told you about them, they are the Gadinez Perez family.  We have a baptism planned for the kids next week.  Sister Godinez, the mom, wants to wait for her husband though.  He's great too it's just that he works as a police man and only gets like one Sunday off per month if he's lucky.

Saturday we went and helped them with a garden project carrying a bunch of dirt.  The interesting thing is that they do it in big sacks. So Dominic, Elder Nawahine and I spent a while filling up bags with dirt and carrying them up the hill on our shoulders, it was a good workout.  We were pretty sore in the morning Sunday.  Any chance to do service is great though.  There aren't too many people who let us.  Dominic said that that was one of the things he liked about the church.  Some of them have even mentioned going on missions.

I don't know if you remember but in our mission everyone has the goal to do 15 contacts every day and find 15 new investigators and set 2 baptismal dates every week.  It's kind of hard to do it here.  It's kind of a tougher area, but we did it this week.  We finished with the last few things 8:30 Sunday night.  So we met the goal by the skin of our teeth.

Oh and now we know we can send videos just as long as they are less than 25mb.  For my camera like 18 seconds.

Hey, we are coming up on Mother's Day in like a month, and Emerson's birthday.  Also I sent a letter a little while ago, so it should get there soon.  

I was talking with one of our zone leaders a little while ago and I decided if  BYU-Idaho offers it I might like to take a calligraphy class.  I figure I'm going to have to start thinking about all that pretty soon.

Another family we've taught a little is the Vanegas Vargas family, I think I've told you about them.  It turned out that one of them, Vivian, is friends with a girl in the Durazno, Stacy, and she gave her all the young women's books.  Vivian is like super interested in the church, but her dad not so much.  This week we brought the Young Women's president with us and her husband, so she could explain all that stuff.  I don't know much about Personal Progress.

Well I have no time, love you all.  Talk to you next week.
-Elder Jarvie

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