Monday, March 23, 2015

Familiar Face From Home

With Elder Dabel (close friend) who is serving in the Guatemala City South Mission

Donavaghn and his companion with Henry, who was baptized last week

 Henry and his family

 With his trainer (middle) and the elder his trainer "trained" after Donavaghn 
(Thanks to Juan Carlos for posting this great picture on Facebook!)

This week was a little more eventful, I got sick and everything.  First off we had a multi-mission conference with South and I think the other was central (or something like that).  If you remember South is the mission Jared is in (or Elder Dabel).   He was there.  That was pretty sweet.  Also like everybody from the mission was there.  On top of that, Elder Andersen, from the twelve apostles.  He gave a really good talk.  It was a great conference.

I think it was the next day I got sick.  I don't know what I had, but for symptoms, almost all of them.  I spent most of that day laying down.  A little less crappy is the day after we had divisions.  I stayed in the area still half sick trying to have a good day.  I've been getting better slowly but I still have a little bit of a cold and I talk a little funny.  Though talking funny isn't really new is it.
We had a service project with the ward.  It's good to actually use my hands every once and a while.  It was nice.
Emerson's car looks pretty sweet.  That is a lot of banging out to do on the side.
Man I wish I had a shopping cart full of food.  There are some nice things about home.  (I told him I went grocery shopping at Costco and bought so much food I could barely see over the top of the cart and struggled pushing it to my car, it was so heavy.)   
The movie about the pickers that you were talking about (McFarland USA),  I'm pretty sure I saw the commercial for that when I was in somebody's house.  It looked pretty good.  Maybe I'll see it in a few years.  
It's really good to see a picture of Kennon and David.  I haven't seen those two in a while.  You'll have to tell me a little more about how they're doing.
It sounds like things there are going good.  The house sounds like a lot of fun.  You guys have to be pretty close now.
I officially have a plaque?  (at church) That's exciting. what scripture did you guys put on it?
One of these days I'm going to send letters.
Speaking of people I haven't seen in a little while, you mentioned that Juan Carlos posted a picture. He's a great guy.  There are some people I miss from over there in Campo Marte.
The list of things you have to do on the house is interesting.  The rock sounds like it's going to look nice.
I'm out of time, gotta go.  Love you guys.
Elder Jarvie

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