Monday, March 30, 2015

Semana Santa

First off, last night they told us how the changes are going to go down.  I'm staying in the area, but my companion is going somewhere different.  So that is going to be a little weird.  I've actually never been in an area for more time than my companion.  He is going to be my third, unless you count from the MTC.  I'm sure it will be great whatever happens.
It was really cool that I was able to see Jared.  I think he had only been in the mission for like two weeks, so I was lucky that it was just late enough that he wasn't in the MTC.  Maybe next year they'll have a conference too.  I think somebody had said that they did one the year before.
It was kind of crappy that I got sick, but I'm like 99.9% better now.  They gave me medicine and a blessing, so what more can you ask for?
How many freaking people got married?  How many freaking people are getting married? (I only told him about one that got married and two that are engaged.  Not sure why he's getting so worked up.  He must be jealous.)
Tell Kennon he needs to leave on his mission ASAP so we can be companions in Guatemala, and play soccer with all the little Guatemalan kids.
That is a nice picture of the you and Emerson in front of the temple you sent me.  My little bro looks like one classy dude.  It's great that you guys got the chance to go.
Remington and I have the opposite problem.  There it's cold and he needs a beard.  Here we've had a little bit of hot weather, and my freaking beard needs to stop growing so darn fast.
Oh I almost forgot to ask you about something.  Remington and I might have a problem that is the same after all.  When I got sick, I had no idea why but a few days after, I realized that I had like two or three little lumps on my upper lip.  Which led to the thought that it might be an allergy.  Which led to the thought that Remington is allergic to mangoes, and I remembered that I had eaten a mango.  So what I would like is if Remington could send me his symptoms of the time the mangoes tried to kill him, so I could see if the mangoes have the some hatred for me.
About the service project, we cleaned an area in the area where we live.  We raked up some leaves and painted parts of the road.  I was mostly raking.  It was great just to do something other than walking and talking.
You asked about Easter.  I think here that would be "semana santa" (holy week).  I don't really know what happens or what they do but from what I've heard people they visit their family and it's a crappy time to be a missionary.
Today I'm going to send letters, hopefully. If not I should be able to send them this week, Friday at the latest.  I had thought about writing a few times and even started to write.  I didn't write a ton, but I wrote enough and I figure it's better than nothing, and that I should just get it sent.  So hopefully a letter should show up at the house in a while.  I wrote a little to each member of the family and I tried to write something different.  I'll try to get it sent.
Another question, what is the name of the car Emerson bought?  Just wondering.  Apart from that I don't think I have too many questions.  That and the mangoes should do it.
That would be pretty legit if Grandma and Grandpa Walker bought the house next door.  We would have a lot of property.
I think that should about do it.  I'm out of time too.  I love and miss you all.  Go swimming for me or something.  Adiós
-Elder Jarvie

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