Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mama Roca

It sounds like the trip went really well and like it was a lot of fun. (Jay and Emerson went to Utah and Idaho)  I would have loved to have gone snowboarding with Emerson.  Here the most exercise we get is walking.  We walk a lot but still the only thing we do is walk.  My arms are going to stop working or something.  I miss climbing things.  (This really brought back a lot of great memories of him climbing things, including door jambs when he was younger. Just for fun, I included a picture below.  Sorry it's a picture of a picture.)  Is Remington's car working now? What do you still have left to do on the house? I really loved the pictures that you sent me.  They were amazing.
Emerson bought a new car?  Is it cooler than the last one? Because the last one was pretty legit. Does it move? Or how much work does he have to do on it?
That's cool that you bought more fruit trees.  I love fruit.  One of my favorite things about the trees here is that a lot of them have flowers.  It's really neat.  Here there are a lot of things different and a lot of things the same.  If you had bad eyesight there are a lot of places where you probably couldn't tell the difference between Oregon and Guatemala.  But there are some different plants.  A lot of the food I remember Remington talking about. (When people leave for the US they usually go to California or Florida) Like papaya, we almost never eat, but here it's pretty common.  I haven't seen a ton of mangoes but they are here.  Also mango is the word for handle.  There is a vegetable called guisquil, or something like that, it's different.
We did have a baptism Saturday.  Just one of them.  Henry got baptized.  He is a really cool guy.  His family was all members but less active.  They had been teaching him for a little while before I got here.  It was great.  He is going to be a great member of the church.  The other person that we are teaching is going to get baptized a little later.
I was going to send you some pictures today but I forgot my camera, so next week if I remember.
Actually, it's Jared who won 8 quetzales.  I told him his companion wasn't going to speak more than ten words of English.  Honestly, there are good sides to both.  My first companion was amazing.  It was a little hard that I could only speak English once or twice a week. But I think I learned more Spanish in my first week with him than the whole six weeks in the CCM.  The fact is that I need to find a way to give Jared 8 quets.
There is a family in the ward that we pay to give us lunch.  They live literally just across the street from us.  We always call the mom "Mama Roca."  Their last name is Roca.  In my last area we bought a lot more food but here the fridge is broken, so we don't buy a lot.  There is a Chinese food store that sometimes we stop by on the way back from p-day.  They sell a big bucket of rice with a bunch of stuff in it.  It's pretty good.  We almost never eat from streat venders.  The normal food makes you sick enough.  We do buy food from little shops a lot. I think I've talked about those right? There are a couple different types.
It's great to hear from you.  You write the greatest letters ever.  Hopefully next week I'll send some pictures.  Have fun, I love you all, peace out!
Elder Jarvie

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