Monday, March 2, 2015

Six Month Mark

 Holy cow! The dining room is only lacking a butler.  The wood looks freaking legit.  You guys are really rich.  That is crazy!  (For the record, I think he's been in a third world country long enough to forget what the average dining room looks like.)
It sounds like Emerson is going to have a ton of fun dancing, working on cars and driving a lot.  If I told somebody it was going to be 40 below they would go crazy.  People talk about parts of Guatemala where it gets cold, like to zero, but they don't use Fahrenheit so zero is really like 32 degrees.  (Emerson and Jay are going to Idaho to replace the transmission in Remington's car and to Utah where Emerson is taking a friend to prom.  The 40 below comment came from Jay exaggerating how cold he's afraid it's going to be in Rexburg while they work on the car.)

I've heard people talk about the tradition of burning stuff, but I don't think anybody does it.  At least not that I've heard or seen.  Spanish is going pretty good.  I can pretty much talk normal, I just don't know all the words.  But it keeps getting better.
I'm really exited for you guys about the the house.  Have you officially left Bellerive in the hands of somebody else or are you still moving things out? (The house is officially emptied! Moving is one of those unexplained scientific things no one can explain.  The more boxes you move, the faster the existing items multiply, until you have 10x the crap you thought you had.)
Things here have been going good, all things considered.  My companion hurt his knee.  And it doesn't help that our area is gigantic.  Luckily, he didn't hurt it super bad, so we're still working.  We have a few investigators that are amazing.  Two have baptism dates coming up.  The only problem is we don't have a lot of people to visit members or investigators.  Other than that, it's a great area.
I'm not sure what else to write.  There isn't really a ton to say.  I write Jared a little.  He is probably leaving the CCM tomorrow I think.  That's pretty sweet.  We just need to pull some strings to be in the offices at the same time.  The mission east, south, and I think one more have the offices in the same place.  It will be interesting to hear where his companion is from.  It's interesting that I've had a companion from North America (in the MTC my companion was from California) a companion from Central America (my first companion was from Guatemala) and one from South America (my companion right now is from Brazil) 3 different countries.
I'm a lot better at soccer than I used to be.  We play almost every p-day.  It's actually a lot of fun. I'm just bad at guarding the goal. 
Did I mention that the house looks super crazy freaking awesome legit! (Love his enthusiasm!)  I'm going to need the address in case I ever get around to writing letters.  Hopefully, one day I will.
The Spanish word for "mountain range" is "sierra," like the soda.  It's also the word for "saw," but a handsaw is a "serrucho" which is also a Spanish song.  There is actually some pretty good Spanish music.
I'm out of time.  Bye guys! I love you all.
Elder Jarvie

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