Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Temple Trip

Hey family! What's up?
Things here are pretty much how I tell you they are every week.  Today we went to the temple. Though this time they didn't give me a translator head phone, which isn't too bad.  There weren't too many words I didn't know.  Though I've never heard so much vosotros in all my life.  "Vosotros" is like people using "thou" in English.  It was pretty great.  The whole zone took a bus.  There is a lot of buses in Guatemala.
Two of the investigators that we've been teaching are going to get baptized this weekend.  We're super excited about that.  They are both great.
Emerson's suit looks pretty legit.  Especially the shoes and belt.  I dig brown.  Just as long as they danced like freaking champs I'll be happy.  But honestly that is one guapo looking little brother.  I'm proud of you bro.  Where did he go to buy it? 
Sometimes I wonder if I'll have an accent when I come home.  Maybe I'll call people "mano" by accident.  There are a couple words they use here, sometimes they say "simon" to say "yes."  Simón was one of the apostles of Jesus Christ and I can't take the name seriously now.  It's weird how the way people talk changes in such a short distance.
It looks like y'all had some fun this week.  Going to taco buses, taking pictures in front of legit boats, wearing sweet clothes.  Emerson's suit is pretty cool and if it it ever actually got cold here I would sneak into the states just to steal Remington's sweaters.
Did you hear that Jared's companion is white?  That means I ow (I forgot how to spell that word).  In Spanish it's "deber" if you can't figure it out.  I'm going to look it up later but I don't have time right now) 8 quetzales he is from Utah.
I'm out of time so I'll talk to you next week.  Have fun and I love you all!
-Elder Jarvie

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