Monday, April 27, 2015

Gaining Weight

That is sad to hear that Kate died.  I guess you just have to think that she's in a happier place.

But it's great  to hear about Emerson.  It sounds like you have good missionaries.  Here they always say that it's better if the members do the baptizing.  For me, I totally agree, but some people I guess just think differently.  Has Emerson had much of a chance to go with the missionaries?  Tell him he should start practicing Spanish because that is the hardest thing about the mission.  I'm just kidding, he's going to serve in Utah.  I think Em will be a good missionary.  He likes talking and has at least half a brain.  (Said like only an older brother can.) That and he is a pretty hard worker.
Sunday Henry came with us to a lesson we had.  If you don't remember, Henry is the guy who got baptized about a month ago.  That was amazing.  We had a lesson and he said he would like to come with us, but the lesson fell through.  So we searched all of Prado, but we ended up with a good lesson. And it was fantastic that Henry came with us.
The other really cool thing that happened Sunday was that Kevin got his mission call.  He opened it at the Roca family house right in front of us.  He is going to El Salvador.  Kevin lives pretty close to us, just a few houses up the road.
When I've talked about the harder parts of my area, it's mostly that we split the ward and we only have the half that is residential areas where people work until eight and are always busy (members and investigators).  So it's a little tougher to work things out, but it could be worse.
That's cool that Remington is taking a dance class.  I miss dancing.  Does Emerson still dance a lot? Or mostly just work on cars now?
I totally remember using a trenching machine, and that I almost couldn't use it because I didn't weigh enough.  Speaking of weight, so far I think I've gained like 10-15 pounds, but I don't think I look too different so what ever I guess.
I'm almost out of time so I'll talk to you later  I love you all!
-Elder Jarvie

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