Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Companion

 With his new companion, Elder Bonilla, and a man they met at General Conference

Sorry if this one is a little short, they asked me to do a super long survey.  This week was one of the harder ones.  They were right when they said that "semana santa" is a crappy time to be a missionary. But lucky that is just last week.

My new companion is really good.  We walked a ton this week because almost nobody was home.  This week everyone goes to the beach...unless they're Catholic, then they carry pictures and statues of Jesus in the street.   It's an interesting week.  They close a lot of stores and shops and stuff.  Like I said, my new companion is really good, at least so far.  He is from Honduras and his name is Elder Bonilla (the 2 Ls are like a Y, like in tortilla.)   So I'm up to companions from 4 different countries and not one that speaks English since the CCM.  But it really does help with Spanish.
The conference was amazing.  There were a few talks I loved a ton.  I really liked the guy that talked about the 2 brothers climbing the canyon.  There were a ton of great ones.  That one reminded me a lot of my brothers.  I loved when he gave the comparison that Christ is that person for us.
You asked if I get chances to speak English.  Usually Mondays, Fridays and sometimes another time in the week.
The notebook that Sister Karcher gave me when I left for school is now officially full.  It was a good book to take notes.  But it feels like an accomplishment to finish it.  I used it for Sundays and conferences mostly, district meetings and stuff too.
Thanks for the fantastic emails that you send me, and the pictures too.  The letters from dad and everyone else.
Thanks for being amazing.  Love you all, I gotta go.
-Elder Jarvie

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