Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Peach

This is my new companion, Elder Barrera.  Before, I had a record that all my companions were from different countries, but now I've had two from Guatemala.  And not just the same country, he and Elder Zarate are both from Momostenango.  They were in the same stake.

So I've almost been in my new area a week now.  It's called El Durazno. In English that's "the peach."
It's super weird changing areas after I've been in my last area like six months.  On top of that, it's a maze here, so I don't fully understand it.  But we are up in the mountains and it's really pretty.  There is a great view too.  You can see most of the city from a few different parts of my area.  There are a ton of mountains in Guatemala, a few volcanoes too.  There is one that you can see from here.  It's pretty big too.  It's nice and green here and everything.  Though the down side of being in the mountains is that all the walking we have to do is up and down hill.  And it's a big area too.
It's a branch here in the Durazno.  About 50-60 people come each week, so that's a lot different than my last area where our ward was in the stake center and we divided it with other missionaries.  The good thing is that it means I'll get to know the people better.  But it's still a lot different.
There is a lot of dust here too.  Half the roads are dirt, and it's a dirt that gets kicked up really easily.  I like the house here too.  The only bad thing is the shower, it is literally a pipe sticking out of the wall.  Other than that, it's a great house.  The chapel is really nice here too.  We can see it from the window where we study.
I'll see you next week.
love you all

  - Elder Jarvie

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