Monday, July 13, 2015

Got a Cold

Dear family,
What's good in the hood? Here things are going alright, the only down side of the week is that I got a cold.  The first few days it was just a little snot in my nose.  Whatever right, but then I don't sleep good and I'm tired everyday and sore.  So that's been kind of a downer, but hopefully it will end soon.
The dining room looks pretty sweet.  It's going to be like having a picnic every day, out there under the clouds.  And with the garden too, y'all are going to be eating like kings.
I think one of these days we are going to the temple so if I don't write one of these Mondays that's why.  In the mission we go every other change, but the zones don't go at the same time, so I think I'll be going twice in a row, so that's cool.
I got the box you sent me.  We were going to take one thing out each day to make the fun last longer, but when we saw that half of the things were wrapped, we just took it all out.  Now we are just waiting two weeks for the wrapped stuff.
Any day now Meganne should be leaving the MTC and heading for Oregon.  It's crazy how many people are on missions now.  And now Moroni and Gordon are leaving real soon... there are a ton.
OK, well I'm out of time so I'll talk to you next week.  Love you all.
-Elder Jarvie

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