Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Birthday

The "E" is for "Elder" but at a quick first glance to us we think of "Emerson" 
I wrapped his birthday presents in Toy Story wrapping paper 
in honor of his "Woody" nickname he inherited at the MTC.

During a power outage

 A selfie with his companion to show the beautiful mountains in the background.

I think I might have to mail him a shower head....

Hey everybody whats up?
Things here are good.  I don't think there is anything too new.  Yesterday I opened the presents you sent me.  One good thing is that like two days before I had broken the mechanical pencil you gave me for Christmas, so that was super good that you sent me a new one.  The one thing I'm super confused about  is why you sent me swim trunks I'm never going to use.  (To defend myself, I thought they were regular shorts.  They seemed lightweight and perfect for hot Guatemala P-days.)
The day went good though.  Except for that my companion got a little sick.
Thanks for the pictures.  They are all super great.  It looks like Remington has been doing a lot, like we say in Guatemala- he has been "tirando flow."
We ate tamales, well technically I think they were "paches."  They are tamales, just that they are made with potatoes instead of corn.  So that was cool. 
One day I'm going to have to send you a picture of the buses here, because they are kind of cool, and sometimes a little crazy. 
One really cool thing this week is that we got ten of the eleven recent converts to come to church, and the other one usually comes, so that was cool.  Here in the branch there are a lot of less actives, so we've got some work there.
Oh and tell Sydney "hi" back for me, along with anyone else that wants to be told "hi." 
Anyway,  I'm out of time.  Talk to you all next week
-Elder Jarvie

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