Monday, August 17, 2015

"Boring Gringo"

Hey, what's up everybody?
Things here are going good.  It rained and cooled down a little.  My head was starting to hurt from walking in the sun all day.  Parts of our area are really cold at night.  Mostly the higher parts when the wind blows over.  I found out you can see my last area from here.  There was a mountain that looked a lot like my area.  One day we were helping a member of our ward move gravel and we were talking about the areas that you can see from there.  She mentioned a little town that you could see on the side of a mountain was Canaan, which is part of my last area.  So that is super cool.
Marvin is going to be baptized this Saturday, so that is super exiting.  It's strange the way you get to know people when you're a missionary.  He is a great kid and has a lot of friends in the branch.
I'm not too sick now.  I get head aches and am still a little sniffy, but a ton better than I was.  I've been reading a little more.  One P-day we were in the house of other missionaries and there was a beaten up copy of "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder" in English.  So boring gringo, they let me have it.  So I read that at night a lot.  It's actually really interesting.  Also I had a goal for reading the Book of Mormon and the New Testament and I finished them both this morning, so that's pretty neat. 
Thanks for the pictures.  The house looks amazing.  For Christmas you are going to have to talk to me on a laptop, so you can show me around.
I was reading an article in a Liahona about the dead sea scrolls.  I decided that that if they haven't translated and published them by the time I get back I'm going to start learning how to speak old Hebrew as my next foreign language.  It sounds super interesting all the stuff they talked about.
I hear Dad is planing on writing something.  It sounds cool.  So, Dad, you are going to have to tell me more about it.  When you say novel, is it going to be like a fiction story or what is the plan?  Also with all the car stuff going on over there you might as well open a shop.
Anyway, it's great to hear from you all, and I'll talk to you next week.
-Elder Jarvie

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  1. Hi there! You are in the same mission as my daughter. Her name is Sister Perry from Canada. I am DYING to hear from her or see some pics of her and have been looking for a mission blog but cannot find anything. If you know her or see her could you please please PLEASE get a photo of her and post it up on here for me? She hasn't written me anything since she went out 2 mos ago! Thank you so very much!

    Rachel Miller :)