Monday, August 3, 2015


First of all, when I said like "ten recent converts," those are the people that live here who have been baptized in the last year.  Though we have an investigator who really wants to be baptized now, so that is super cool.  He is a really good friend with one of the young men here and the brother of another.
Thanks for all the pictures.  I love seeing home.  I should probably take more. Sorry about that.  We had changes today, but my companion and I are staying here.  So the changes aren't very big for us
This week I've been a little sick.  I caught a cold.  Usually when that happens I just have to blow my nose every once and a while, but this time I felt really crappy.  So that's not fun, but I think it's almost over.
I think one of the toughest things about the mission is the whole companion thing.  I can get along with most people, but there are only a few where 24/7 is the amount of time to spend with them.  I'm a pretty calm person, but sometimes you can't help thinking.... dude..  you're an idiot. 
People these days.  A few of my companions I'm sure would have been great friends if I only saw them for a few hours every once and a while.  Sometimes "always" is more than I can take.  I've found that a few of the things that annoy me are people who are proud, lazy immature and demanding.  Also, you can be a dork without being immature.  My favorite companion was the biggest dork ever.
Anyway, things are good here.  It's still really pretty up in the mountains.  We might even buy a water heater for the shower head.  That would be pretty sweet.  I'll try to take more pictures this week.  We'll see.
Hey, I had a question.  I heard something about the presidential election.  That coming up right ? I haven't heard anything other than that Donald Trump said something super racist.
Anyway I'm out of time now so I'll talk to you all next week.
-Elder Jarvie

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