Monday, August 10, 2015

Taller, Whiter and Heavier

To the Jarvies, my dear beloved family
Over the last little while I have been slightly sick due to walking in the sun everyday.  I've recovered slowly, though I'm almost better now.  I think I might have even lost a little weight, but because I had previously gained like 15 pounds it doesn't bother me too much.  The weird thing is that after gaining weight I still looked the same.  One of the weird things about living in Guatemala is now being taller, whiter, and heavier than everyone else.  And also the one that talks funny.

Things here in the peach are going really well.  One of the investigators that we have, I believe I've talked about Marvin before, is going to be baptized the 22nd.  The good thing is that there is a good group of young men in the branch.  I actually like the branch here a lot.  I think this is my favorite area so far.  There are a lot of less actives, but there are a lot of really good members too.  One of these days  I need to take a picture of the buses, especially one from Nacauil.  It's like how people decorate hippie vans only school buses.

We weren't able to get a shower head this week because our house doesn't have the wiring.  They are with a heater built into the shower head like you mentioned because none of the houses here have water heaters.  So for the moment we are stuck with a pipe and cold water.

That's legit that you are going to Hawaii, and now that you mention it I think the only time I've seen dad in shorts is when we go swimming.  I miss swimming a little, mostly when it's really hot.  It gets hotter there than here.  The only thing is that hot or cold we have to be in the streets walking.

In response to one of your questions - yes, we still do play soccer almost every Monday, and every once in a while for a few minutes at church activities or people's houses.  The people here love that sport.  A few times here we've gone to a professional field, that was actually really cool.  There is a member in the stake that works there and he's let us (the missionaries in the zone or stake) play there free a few times.  Honestly, it's a ton of fun, but it tires you out because that thing is big.

That's cool that the pear farm started up.  The platform is the coolest because you just stand there and pick them as they come.  You feel like an illegal immigrant from the future.  I can make racist jokes about illegals now because I've been one when I signed my papers wrong.  Only partially illegal for like two days, but it counts.

Anyway, my time is over, so I've got to go.
 Best of luck everybody  
     -Elder Jarvie, and the Peach Branch

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