Monday, August 31, 2015

One Year Mark!

 Donavaghn with Bladimir

L to R - Elder Barrera, Daniel, Donavaghn and Bladimir
(Note: Even in Guatemala teenagers have a phone in their hand!)

 One of the buses we ride

Things here have been alright.  Our phone decided it wanted to break right before our leaders called, so people got kind of worried, especially with what happened last week.  So that kind of sucked having to borrow someone's phone every day.  But they said they are going to give us one today, so that will be good.
It looks like the garden is going great - lemon cucumbers and watermelons are two of the greatest things ever.  Though I don't miss the smoke too much.  Here the only smoke is from buses in the city. 

I never noticed that we pronounce "T's" like "D's" sometimes until I came here and people asked me why. ("City" for example.)

The house looks really nice too.  I wish we had a kitchen like that here. (I sent him a picture of 12 youth in our kitchen cooking during an activity.)  Our stove annoys me.
I wrote a letter today that I'm going to send, so you can expect it in a few months or so. (Sad but so true. I takes forever for mail to get back and forth.)
I took a few pictures too, so I'll send them to you right now.  I took a picture of one of the buses too. It's not the best example but it's one we ride sometimes.  The other pictures are of people.  In one the first is my companion, then Daniel, then me, then Bladimir.  The other picture is Bladimir and I.
I don't know if it's going to feel like the same place a year from now when I get home.  There is a ton that has changed over there, and that's just half, and just pictures. (He should be counting his blessings he missed out on most of the work!)

We only have two weeks left until changes.  I've been with Elder Barrera for 12 weeks so I'll probably be getting a new companion.  It's still a little ways away, but time goes fast.  It's crazy to think it's almost been a year.
Thanks for being amazing you guys.
I gotta go, bye!
-Elder Jarvie

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