Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Michaela!

 Happy Birthday Michaela!!!!! I want you to know that you are by far my favorite sister.  Have fun getting married!
(I asked him if he was planning on going back to school for the Fall session, which starts right after he gets home.)  I honestly haven't thought about school at all.  It feels so weird thinking about that. I don't feel like I should have to think about it yet.  They should change these things back to being three year missions. Two is way too fast.  How long would it be between when I get back and when the semester starts?  (When my father served his mission in 1956, foreign missions were for 3 years.)
Last week we found a new family.  We've been teaching them and they are really "pilas." (Guatemalan word of the day.  I don't really know how to explain that word but it's a good thing.) 
(I asked him if there were any missionaries in particular whose letters he wanted me to copy and send to him.) For the letters, I'd really like to hear how it's going for all of them especially my Spanish speaking people, like how Moroni is doing in Spain.  I'd like to read all of them though.  Oh speaking of missionaries, Meganne just got transferred.  Apparently, she's been in her first area this whole time.
Wait, so real quick funny story.  So here the doors are different.  From the outside you can open them only with a key, even if you didn't lock it.  So there was a guy that we had taught a few times and we went to his house to see if he was home, only his son was home who is in his early twenties.  He talked with us  for a little and stepped outside and the wind blew the door closed.  He didn't have the keys and there was none else home.  Luckily, he had a good attitude about it and laughed it off, but we were there with him for like ten minutes trying to figure out how to get him back into his house. In the end he just went down the street with his aunt to wait until his dad got back.
For some reason it's been really cold here.
We did go to the temple today, that was amazing.  I feel like it's been a long time since the last time I went.  The first time I went out of the CCM I used the translator thing, but after that I've always just listened to it in Spanish.  It's pretty much the same for me now.  I think I'll probably go to the temple a lot more after I get back, at least to the point that I don't have to dust off my temple bag every time I go.
Thanks for all the pictures and for writing me and for everything.  I love you guys.  Talk to you all again Monday!
-Elder Jarvie

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