Monday, June 20, 2016

mis compañeros y yo

From closest to farthest
1) Me
2) Elder Marin
3) Elder Gonzalez
How's it going everybody?  We had another slightly uneventful week.  It's cool to hear that you've got the classes all ready.  World Religions sounds super cool, and of course the art classes.  I kind of miss having the time to do art stuff.  And now once again I'll be doing art until my wrists hurt.  I miss dancing too.  I've never understood the whole reading class thing, no idea what that would be, but I'm sure it will be good too.

You asked about my birthday too.  Honestly it's going to be like a month before I come home, so you might as well just wait and buy me school supplies for my birthday present.
We had to go to the mission office and stuff a few times this week.  When we went to the office that was pretty much our day.  There is a lot of traffic in Guatemala City and we have to go in buses.  We will probably be seeing the mission president again soon, so I can ask him about the whole return date and all that, when that happens.  Pretty much my entire district is leaving like July 12th.
I'll try to take more pictures this week.  I had a problem with my camera.  All the computers in Guatemala have viruses.  That kind of stinks.  You have to be really careful with all the pictures.
Anyway, things are going pretty good here.  It's a work in progress as always.  Well thanks for everything.  I really loved the pictures.  bye
-Elder Jarvie

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